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“From the day I was born”, Aldo Luongo recalls, “everyone seemed to have an idea of what I should be. My father wanted me to be a businessman and professional soccer player same as he. My mother wanted me to become a concert pianist, and my favourite uncle wanted me to become a painter”. Funny how life unfolds; Aldo Luongo was born to Italian parents and raised in Argentina. Aldo graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires. He went on to the USA to play soccer for the New York Cosmos, but his athletic career was cut short by injuries. A look at Aldo's works tempts one to say of course he has to paint. Is it fundamental to the man's essence? Originally annoyed at being categorized as a post-impressionist by the New York Times, Aldo now understands the sincerity of the compliment. “I attack a canvas like I play soccer - with vigour. Soccer is my counterpoint to painting. While painting I'm confused, lonely, enmeshed in emotions and self doubt. Then comes the sweat and focus of a good game and I feel whole again. Life is a matter of balance”. Aldo's works today are held at the Kennedy and Smithsonian Museums and numerous individual collectors.
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